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Bingo Nugget Ball $936
11 a.m. | $936
1 p.m. | $1014
3 p.m. | $648
5 p.m. | $868
7 p.m. | $500
9 p.m. | $2326
11 p.m. | $875

Jerry’s Nugget Bakery

Breads, cakes, pies, and sweets are all prepared at Jerry’s in-house bakery.

Treat yourself to a delectable dessert at any hour of the day; choose from a wide variety of cakes, pastries, assorted cookies, and petit fours. Be sure to try Jerry’s signature sweet offerings; the incomparable Strawberry Ring and the traditional Eclair. For an impressive dessert anytime or for that special occasion place your custom order, with advance notice, at Jerry’s Nugget Bakery today!

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