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Bingo Nugget Ball $1171
11 a.m. | $1171
1 p.m. | $610
3 p.m. | $1528
5 p.m. | $737
7 p.m. | $890
9 p.m. | $500
11 p.m. | $4037
Keno Mega Millons $1000189


Pick your numbers on paper and place your bets at the intimate Live Keno Lounge.

Our keno boasts some of the highest payouts in Las Vegas! A $1 5-spot pays $1,000 and a $1 6-spot gets you $2,600. Go for the money when you play the progressive Nevada Lite, where a 9-spot starts at $200,000. Nevada Lite is only $1 to play.

Check out the latest Keno play options now available in the Jerry’s Nugget Keno Lounge:

Penny Keno – Bet pennies, win thousands!

Exacta Keno – Turn a quarter into thousands! Catch the exact number of spots on two consecutive games to win.

Multiplier Keno – Multiply your winnings, up to 10 times!

Jerry’s Keno Progressive – Pick you winning numbers!

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